Cisco AI Assistant for Webex

Introducing the most advanced generative AI-powered platform for hybrid work and customer experience.

The most pervasive AI-powered platform.

The AI Assistant powers experiences across the platform including meetings, messaging, polling, devices, contact center, Control Hub, and more.

AI Assistant for Webex Suite

Improve productivity of hybrid workers and get the most out of every meeting, message, and communication.

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AI Assistant for Collaboration Devices

Create intelligent workspaces equipped with everything from voice commands and AI-driven camera views, to embedded IoT sensors.

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AI Assistant for Customer Experience

Enable agents to quickly resolve issues, improve interactions, and provide richer customer experiences.  

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Bringing together AI for audio, video, and text.

New Real-Time Media Models (RMM) uniquely blend the highest quality audio and video with Large Language Models (LLM) to deliver rich, actionable context. 

Video & Audio Intelligence

Real-Time Media Model

Industry-first generative AI model for audio, video, gestures, tones, and more.
Language Intelligence

Large Language Model

Advanced language intelligence that pulls the best commercial and open-source models for each use.
Real-Time Media Model (RMM)
Achieve crystal-clear audio and video quality.

New AI Audio Codec and Super Resolution transform audio and video, even in the poorest network conditions. 

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    Get superior audio with 16X less bandwidth

    The new AI Audio Codec delivers crystal-clear, uninterrupted audio even in poor network conditions, requiring 16X less bandwidth than the industry standard codec. Plus, it eliminates audio choppiness due to packet loss by applying generative AI to reconstruct lost audio.

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    Revolutionize video resolution

    New Super Resolution uses generative AI video to rebuild packets in poor bandwidth conditions. During video transmission, it will downscale it by more than 90%, then upscale it back to 1080p or higher for a crystal-clear view.

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    Reduce storage costs

    The massive reduction in bandwidth drastically compresses audio, making storage costs go way down—especially for businesses that are required to retain audio for operations or compliance reasons. 

  • Large Language Model (LLM)
    Never miss a moment.

    New meeting and messaging summaries and catch-me-up features ensure there are no communication gaps.

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    Get caught up in a flash

    Quickly catch up from missed meetings with summaries that include highlights, chapters, and action items. And easily digest all your messages across spaces with summaries and unread message recaps. 

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    Send the perfect message

    Leverage AI to quickly change the tone of your message before sending.

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    Communicate globally​

    Instantly translate your messages into 30+ languages.

  • Introducing new audio, video, and language intelligence.

    Super Resolution

    Generative AI video ensures you always come across clearly by automatically scaling up video resolution when encountering low bandwidth during meetings.


    Webex AI Codec

    The Webex AI Codec uses generative AI to dramatically improve audio quality with ultra-low bandwidth requirements. No more “can you repeat that?” or “can you hear me?”. 


    Calling summaries

    Never forget the details of an important conversation with call summaries. Easily record calls natively with summaries in the AI Assistant for Webex Calling and review the highlights of your conversations directly in the Webex app.


    Be-right-back summary

    Step away from an in-progress meeting and receive a summary of key highlights that you missed while away.  


    Conversation summaries

    Eliminate the need for customers to repeat themselves with automatic summaries that generate a recap of every chat and call, even ones that drop, helping to ensure a seamless transition between virtual and human agents.


    Cinematic meetings

    Keep everyone engaged and show the best view of people in the room from different angles through adaptive, AI-directed framing.

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